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Moremi Black Soap (Ose)

Moremi Black Soap (Ose)

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Authentic African Black Soap

"Ose" - Yoruba word: To cleanse, soap.

Ose - Dudu, also known as "African black soap" has been a staple for The Yoruba's for centuries. Different forms of African Black Soap can be seen in Ghana and Togo.

Renowned for its amazing properties and its ability to help relieve eczema and breakouts. It also an exfoliant on the skin which can aid in improving hyperpigmentation and discolouration on skin and body


100% Authentic - Preservative Free - Sulfate-Free - Organic - Fragrance-Free - Palm Oil Free - Ethically Sourced 


Water, Cocopod Ash, Plantain skin/Ash, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Baobab oil, Neem oil

Shelf Life: 18 months 

Weight: 100 Grams

How to use

Please conduct a patch test before use

Rub bar gently on your palms and slightly wet them to produce a nice lather. Avoid rubbing the black soap directly on your face.

Work the lather into your skin for 60 seconds then rinse. 

Smooth, Glowing Skin!

Store In a cool/dry place

- Avoid storing in the shower room/bathroom, as this soap lathers very easily and will disintegrate faster if not kept in a dry place.

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