Our Story

Crown Elevation; There's a Science to It


 Our mission is to reimagine haircare. To us, haircare is self-care, and wash day should feel like therapy for every kink, curl and coil. At She Is Crowned, we meticulously craft each element of our original and innovative formulas to promote healthy hair and hair growth. We have combined science with wellness to create a range of natural, handmade products that elevate your crown. 


 Hair Care Made Simple


" I created She Is Crowned to redefine haircare. Our priority is the health of our customers; because when your body is healthy, your mind and soul can be too.
Every woman deserves to savour every moment of their haircare. With cleansing and soothing products and a calming routine, wash day should be a chance to unwind and de-stress. 


I have dedicated my time and knowledge to continuous innovation and helping people to learn how to take care of their natural hair. Haircare is a science, and with the right ingredients and formulation, all hair can be happy and healthy. We promise never to become stagnantAs a brand, we will continue to revolutionise, transform and improvem natural haircare because your hair is your crown, and you deserve to wear it with pride."